For just on 20 years, I was able explore the world whilst working as an international flight attendant. 


Along the way I completed a degree in Journalism & Photography, and furthered this with a post-graduate degree in teaching.


In 2012 I retired my ‘wings’ and decided to simply see where life would take me.

It has taken me to a remote island off the coast of Taiwan where I taught English to wonderful beings whose infectious giggles and welcoming smiles enriched my days.

It has allowed me to be a freelance journalist & photographer and capture the essence of what I see and love in everyday life.


Always sharing my road are my two amazing sons and our ever- faithful and somewhat crazy 4-legged friends, Stanley,  Oscar, Simon & Eddie.

I have always been inspired to embrace diversity, culture and to constantly explore, grow and re-invent. I am also inspired by the creativeness of diverse minds who breathe their ideas into a changing world: I choose to inhale their creative breath and exhale with my own individuality and style…



Please note: All words and images are my own work and subject to copyright.